Dr. Krissy Jones: Bringing Charity to the Ill and Disadvantaged

Charitable organizations have served a crucial role in society for many years, by volunteering to help the underserved and advocating for various social causes and illnesses. They are typically non-profit, voluntary, and devoted to aiding the overall good of the public. Charities rely on donations, grants, and the enthusiasm of volunteers to fulfill their missions.

Charitable organizations run that gamut, but two specific types are the focus of compassionate entrepreneur Dr. Krissy Jones: those supporting terminally ill individuals and those focused on empowering disadvantaged women.

More than Business

Dr. Krissy Jones started her career path in the health and social care sector, functioning as care manager due to a deep-seated obligation to helping people in need. The education sector was the next transition, aspiring to help mentor individuals into a brighter future with knowledge as the conduit. However, her desire to impart a higher education led her down a different path.

The path toward training allowed a wider scope of education and marked the official entry into the realm of entrepreneurship. Dr. Jones established two training companies from the ground up. One saw remarkable growth, ballooning from a modest £2,000 loan to an astonishing £11 million in two years. 

During the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Jones successfully ventured into the retail sector and launched a thriving business. Armed with $60,000 in seed money from the sale of her car, the company achieved profits of $11 million by the second year and is on its way to international expansion.

Dr. Jones is an award-winning entrepreneur and experienced forex broker, the founder of a regulated international forex broker, creator of regulated cryptocurrency exchange and FX options platform, successful retail company founder, author, wife and mother of three who completed a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration, with a specialization in strategy & innovation ­– that still wants to help people like she did when she started her journey.

So, Dr. Jones contributes her time and acumen as a voluntary board member for two charitable organizations. One of these charities focuses on healthcare support for terminally ill adults, babies, and children, where she also serves as the board secretary. 

Additionally, she serves as a board member for another nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting disadvantaged women and mothers through education, donations, and mentoring. In this role, she offers valuable insights on a wide range of activities, including accounting, fundraising, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning.

Charities to Comfort the Ill 

Charities have a long history of providing care and support to the sick, dating back to ancient times, primarily with religious organizations. Today, they continue to play a crucial role in supporting terminally ill adults, babies, and children, and the families that love them.

Charity services related to the terminally ill include:

·      Hospice Care for Adults

·      Children’s Hospices

·      Palliative Care for Babies

·      Financial Support

·      Research and Awareness

·      End-of-Life Care

·      Volunteer Support

Charities Empowering Disadvantaged Women

Another critical area where charities make significant inroads is in empowering disadvantaged women. These organizations help uplift and support women during life-changing events by focusing programs that include:

·      Economic Empowerment

·      Domestic Violence Support

·      Educational Support

·      Healthcare Access

·      Advocacy and Awareness

·      Community Support

·      Shelter and Housing Assistance

·      Legal Aid

A More Compassionate Society

Charities have been supporting the ill and disadvantaged since societies began to form and some haves and have-nots were identified. In the tradition of philanthropy and helping your fellow man, people like Dr. Krissy Jones have stepped up to help at every turn.

Volunteers form the core of these organizations. By bridging gaps in education, mentoring, accounting, fundraising, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning, volunteers like Dr. Krissy Jones can help mitigate critical societal challenges and help those in need flourish.

By lending a helping hand and advocating for societal betterment, charities contribute to creating a more equitable and compassionate society.

For more information about Dr. Krissy Jones, please visit her website

Originally posted 2023-10-18 11:15:35.