Financial Advisor Salary in UK, USA, India, Canada, Dubai in 2022 – Comparison

Now days, financial advisory salary has lot of additional benefits. They are paid at base salary package. Additionally, they also get performance-based bonuses, variable bonuses, health care benefits and more. Also all these benefits are truly dependent upon size of the company or an organization. Here we will do comparison to see overview on financial advisor salary 2022 – 2023 in countries like India, United States of America, Europe, United Kingdom and United States Emirates.

Financial advisor professional mostly works in streams like educating
clients, investment, wealth management and all other types of financial related
matters. They work in industries like: financial planners, stockbrokers,
investment advisors, bankers, financial institutions, insurance agents, real
estate planner, taxation companies and other finance related companies.

Financial Advisor Salary

There are broadly two types of financial advisor categories. Firstly, commission based financial advisors, they can easily earn by selling financial service goods, including real estate, shares, loans or insurance with some percentage as their commission. However, they might additionally charge a commission for creating a financial plan for their consumers as well. Secondly Salary based financial advisors, they are usually employed by brokerage businesses, banks or financial institutions where they are paid based on their base salary along with some bonuses components as a part of a salary.

In this topic we are going to compare financial advisor salary in India, financial advisor salary in USA, financial advisor salary in Canada, financial advisor salary in Dubai, financial advisor salary in UK. You should always aim to get job in best companies for financial advisors in world. Let us see how much does a financial advisor make in different part of the countries.

Financial Advisor Salary in UK

The investment management is rapidly changing with Brexit, legal
requirements, moving investor choices, opportunities, technical challenges,
complexities and changing temporary to permanent employees has shaken the
financial industry at a large scale. This change is going to start for few
years and new changes will create lot of permanent role jobs in United Kingdom.

We are providing this knowledge to make you aware before taking financial advisor as your career path. We have put these numbers based on factors like, recruitment financial services salary survey, trusted websites survey for comparing financial advisory salary in UK and researched based on industry trends

  • Low Base Pay: 25,000 Pound per annum.
  • Average Base Pay: 50,000 Pound per annum.
  • High Base Pay: 100,000 Pound per annum.

There is continues shortage of financial experts and financial advisors in UK at this movement. This is the best time for those candidates who are looking to change their career in financial advisor role. Due to storage in those areas, demand for wealth management and financial advisors has increased in UK, which has resulted in increasing financial advisor salary in United Kingdom 2022 – 2023. Think on how to become an independent financial advisor in UK, as this is also an good opportunity for financial candidates.

Financial Advisor Salary in India

Mostly salary of financial advisor is depending on certification and experience factors. Experience in this field is highly recommended by most of the big companies and also they pay excellent salary packages with other benefits to the employees. After analyzing some of the well-known websites for comparing financial advisor salary in India 2022 – 2023, we have concluded with below numbers.

  • Low Base Pay: 250,000 Indian Rupee per annum.
  • Average Base Pay: 450,000 Indian Rupee per annum.
  • High Base Pay: 1,800,000 Indian Rupee per annum.

Mostly personal financial advisors in India works full-time and even few additional hours in week days. You should always bookmark and keep reading best financial websites in world to get frequent updates in financial matters. They frequently go to conferences during evenings time to satisfy consumers or to resolve any queries or concerns faced by their customers. This gives really a good exposure to the employees to work directly with high net worth clients.

Financial Advisor Salary in Canada

The federal government of Canada is working closely with wages department of Canada to demonstrates and describe that need of financial planners in large demand over the nation. Financial advisor salary in Canada 2022 – 2023 is hottest as they are inviting skilled immigrant to their country. Demand for financial advisors are higher due to lower populated provinces and territories. Investment analysts is the common term used in Canada for investment advisors.

  • Low Base Pay: 45,000 Canadian Dollar per annum.
  • Average Base Pay: 55,000 Canadian Dollar per annum.
  • High Base Pay: 70,000 Canadian Dollar per annum.

Financial advisors are on high demand in their country. People are also looking for how to become a personal financial advisor in Canada now days. This is because of many reasons and factors. Primary factor is their government invitation for permanent residence. An immigrant mostly not aware of where to buy house with higher growth potential, which are the best investment opportunities in Canada, or even what are health insurance to buy in Canada. Due to demand in financial investment opportunities by immigrants, financial advisory salary in Canada is also increasing.

Financial Advisor Salary in USA (United States of America)

Financial advisors satisfy their consumers requirement. Mostly all over the USA people are mostly looking for financial planner for making budgets, giving information about spending and preparing a best retirement plans. Financial advisor salary in USA 2022 – 2023 has increased in recent time due to lot of factors. Many times, financial advisor are also required as soon as the unanticipated occurs for example-1: Moms and dad abruptly requires a financial plan at divorcing for their kid education expenses. For example-2: Since majority of USA population is nearing to old age or already in old age. They may require to make legal right to heirs on property estate or reverse mortgage plans for their retirement income and much more.

  • Low Base Pay: 25,000 United States Dollar per annum.
  • Average Base Pay: 53,000 United States Dollar per annum.
  • High Base Pay: 105,000 United States Dollar per annum.

Above mentioned is the average financial advisor salary in USA. This may slightly vary based on regions as USA is quite a big country. It is advisable that you also follow best financial magazines in world to be updated in your field. Mostly financial advisors assist safe and stable long term strategy for their consumers. Financial advisor’s requirement increases during any unexpected life or death events. They perhaps step-in to solve their problems with financial plans for moving ahead.

Financial Advisor Salary in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

The position financial services is frequently required by businesses. There
are number of vacancies simply because the middle east is aiming for young
professionals in financial services industry preferably male workforce.

  • Low Base Pay: 4,000 Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) per annum.
  • Average Base Pay: 77,000 Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) per annum.
  • High Base Pay: 299,000 Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) per annum.

Financial advisor is in demand in Dubai mainly because of workforce in foreign companies, which do not offer any retirement benefits to employees. Financial advisor salary in Dubai 2022 – 2023 are rising due to requirement in personal as well as business financial goals.

Since the salary packages varies in country to countries and even region to region as well. This article will provide you overall picture of financial advisor salary in USA 2022, financial advisor salary in UK 2022, financial advisor salary in Canada 2022, financial advisor salary in India 2022, and financial advisor salary in Dubai 2022. This knowledge will assist you to decide which country you should prefer to start and build your career as financial advisor.

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