A Quick Review on Label Base Film – Types, Strengths & Applications

Product labels are essential in establishing brand worth and making it stand out among its market competitors. Various label-based films are available in the market, including PVC, PET, PE, OPS, PLA, BOPP, CPP. These Label-based films are specially designed for product labeling and packaging, hence offering various advantages, including branding, protection, carrying information, and visual appeal.

Among the many available label-based film types, BOPP films are highly popular due to their versatile features and distinctive advantages. They are commonly used for various businesses, including beauty and self-care products, food and beverages, pharmaceutical products, electronics, and household items. BOPP label films can be customized into high transparent, matte, metallized, milky-white, or even matte metallised appearance, giving attractive visuals and a fine finish. Also, its moisture-resistant nature keeps a label-based film safe from environmental and chemical effects.


Why BOPP Label Base Films?

BOPP label base films can be made transparent, milky white, matte, or metallic. BOPP Matt Metallized Label Film, BOPP Self-adhesive Label Film, and BOPP In-mold Label Film all have distinctive features, unique advantages, and aesthetics that make these highly desirable for product labeling and packaging. 

Customizable Properties: A BOPP label base film can be easily coated and shows high dyne retention, durability, and printing capacities. Furthermore, the stiffness and softness of the BOPP label base films can be modified according to the application requirements. 

  • Aesthetically Appealing: Excellent gloss and high transparency give a label-based film attractive visuals and a fine finish. It can also provide high matt and shiny metallized effect to make your label unique and visually appealing. 
  • Printability and Adhesion: BOPP labels show excellent printability and thus help to convey legible information about the product and brand. With outstanding adhesive properties and moisture resistance, BOPP label base films are incredibly reliable and easy to use. 
  • Top Coating: BOPP label base films are highly suitable for top coating with high bonding strength.
  • Food Grade Standards: These BOPP films comply with the international standard for use in contact with food and are thus safe for food packaging and labeling.

Weifu BOPP Label Base Film Catalogue

The choice of label-based film depends on multiple factors, like the type of product, packaging requirements, branding goals, and environmental exposure. Common label types available in the market are pressure-sensitive labels (PSLs), shrink-sleeve labels, in-mold labels (IML), roll-fed labels, and cut-and-stack labels. 

A variety of films are available in Weifu’s BOPP line with distinctive features and advantages. These include the following label base film types:

  • BOPP-TSG: Transparent label film
  • BOPP-MSG: Metalized label film
  • BOPP-MSM: Matt metalized label film 
  • BOPP-ILWM: Milky white matt In-mold labeling film
  1. Transparent BOPP Label Base Films (BOPP-TSG) 

This label base film is very clear and represents a perfect choice when you want to merge and blend your label with the product packaging. These are highly preferred for applications where making the product contents visible is desired. This type of label-based film is both-sided treated for self-adhesive labeling, making it a capable film for marking food and beverage packaging, cosmetics, alcohol and household products. It has an excellent appearance with gloss and high clarity. Besides, it is certified as food contact available, making it a well-applied food wrapping content. 

Suppliers for BOPP-TSG film, like Weifu, provide customizable services, manufacturing film of different thicknesses, which can top up to 100um. 

  1. BOPP Metalized Label Films(BOPP-MSG)

A metalized label film, with its metallic and foil-like appearance, adds a premium shinning and high-end appearance to the products, making them visually appealing and eye-catching. Also suitable for top coating, printing, and self-adhesive. 

  1. Matte BOPP Label Base Films(BOPP-MSM)

Matt metalized label film, meaning it comes with a high matte and metalized effect on the same side. It adapts excellent printability and adhesiveness and allows top coating with high bonding strength. It is mainly applied to skincare products, facial masks, 3C electronics, etc.

  1. BOPP Milky White Matte In-Mold Labeling Film(BOPP-ILWM)

BOPP-ILWM comes with a paper-like appearance, allowing clear and vivid printing. This type of BOPP film comes with a flat, delicate, and soft surface, with one side gloss texture and another side matte. Both sides are corona-treated.

These are highly suitable for inner film labels, like milk tea cups, ice cream labels, and paint buckets with vibrant and colorful printing and graphics. BOPP In-mold label films provide seamless fit in the containers during their molding process.

Why Weifu Label Base Film 

BOPP label base films are a popular choice for product labeling, packaging, and laminating applications due to their stiffness, printing capacities, moisture resistance, and durability. These films come in different varieties with distinctive properties, advantages, and aesthetics. BOPP label-based film can be chosen depending on the product type, production volume, and branding goals. However, it is essential to work with the right supplier. 

Weifu is a leading manufacturer of label-based films and packaging materials. With over 40 years of experience in the polymer film industry, the brand is a one-stop service for innovative label base films and sustainable packing materials. Weifu products include BOPP, CPP, BOPE, and CPE, transparent, metalized, matte films, and milky white matt In-mold labeling films of different thicknesses up to 100um. 

Moreover, all Weifu products have gained many patents, including ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certification, Global Recycled Standard certification, and EcoVadis social responsibility rating certification. Weifu BOPP label films are exported worldwide and can be customized to suit required applications. Find out more at