How to Become an Independent Financial Advisor | Different Types

I am sure that you will be having queries on how to become an independent financial advisor? Here, I am going to give you highlight about different types of financial advisors along with various types of independent financial advisor and then will give some tips on how to become successful independent financial advisor. Working as independent financial advisor might looks discouraging in the beginning but finally future is bright. One who have decided to work as Independent Financial advisor it is your responsible to bring additional customers by giving best performance.

Financial Advisor are who works with financial companies acquires knowledge about different areas of finance and associated problems. They receive monthly income as any other job. That experience achieved is probably to be utilized to manage in their career.

Financial advisor being his own employer can work from home, flexible working hours and can arrange his own workplace. Independent financial adviser can perhaps receive additional funds compared to a salaried if they are devoted, inspired and hard working. Independent financial advisors (IFAs) is experts who provide independent suggestions about financial products to their customers as well as suggest suitable financial products.

Finally, Independent financial advisor will conduct the comprehensive review
of the client’s financial place, needs as well as objectives so that the
adviser can then recommend right financial item in order to match that the
customers requirement. Independent financial advisor also recommends on legal
and tax matters.

Types of Financial Advisors

You need to know what does a financial advisor do in the beginning. Some of the subject matter experts in types of financial advisors are categorized as:

Types of Independent Financial Advisor

Independent financial advisor is unable to get commission through sale of
Investment and Insurance items. Few independent financial advisors can easily
gather fees and commissions. Let’s see how to become an independent financial
advisor, both commissions based as well as fee-only based.

Fee Only Financial Advisor

To pay Financial advisor on hourly basis is good option if you work on suggestion provided by them Many times it becomes difficult for advisor if customers do not follow on suggestions provided by them. Individuals can make errors with their money which might stay prevented if they possessed with a experts and successful independent financial advisor.

However, its always better to pay your advisor on hourly basis as and when
required which makes advisor to provide Hassel free service.

Commission Based Financial Advisor

 To Pay commission to advisor seems to be conflicts in interest, whereas in the banking environment advisors are encouraged to do independent investigation and provide appropriate service to customer. However, few advisors have limited their education and some have securities permit were out for sale. It’s being challenging for customer to find qualified advisor under commission-based advisor.

 You should also know what is the financial advisory salary in different countries. When you business is growing, you have an idea about salary to be paid to attract skilled and talented employees. You can check financial advisor salary in few countries mentioned below:

How to Become an Independent Financial Advisor?

Here I am going to give you some really important tips on how to become an independent financial advisor. This will be very useful to you, when you are planning to build career as financial advisor. It is also advisable that you should bookmark best financial websites in world to be updated in financial matters.

Educational Route

You should have your bachelor’s degree related to finance,investement etc
which helps in planning of financial products although it’s not mandatory. You
can also do some certification programmes along with your degree which are
approved by board.

I would recommend you to work in the finance-based company for few years
which involves financial planning, analysis, assisting etc. Also undergo CFP
exams which are conducted thrice in a year across United states.

Alternate Training Path

Achieve a doctorate in management, investment, economics etc or get
certifications as analyst, underwriter or accountant. Apply for CFP
Examinations under which even if it doesn’t include necessary course work,
content will be equal required by board. Also there are many CFP approved
certification programs available which helps to compete as CFP’s.

Communication Skills

Good communication skill is an achievement for an independent financial
advisor. In order to become an independent financial advisor, you must possess
good communication and convincing skills to maintain customer. It requires
tailoring how to present as per individual investor as per his requirement and
most important delivering ideas and effective communication which makes
customer satisfied.

Analytic Thinking

Financial experts require intensive analysis to make investment strategies
as money and investment market is very large. Its difficult to predict future
as whole world is dealing with economic times. Effective Financial advisor
analyse financial details and suggests customer to achieve their targets.

Building a Practice

Start a limited liability business or professional company. Determine the
initial customers. You may target men and women in a particular lifetime stage,
the minimum degree concerning net worth, or specific trade or profession. Also
determine whether to offer goods fee-only based or commission based. To expand
business and increase customer ,join community groups,build up connections with
Relatives, Friends etc.


First step to become effective financial advisor is being honest, loyal to
customers and integrity.There are lot of integrity issues with world’s reliable
Investment firs and Banks which are involved in illegal practices and therefore
individuals who do have knowledge of finance requires Independent financial
advisor who will give suggestion for security of their funds. 


Money is important for each individual. Therefore they want Financial advisor to take responsibility to manage effectively with strategies and advice given by them. Financial advisor needs constant reveal about advantages and disadvantages regarding investment options to gain confidence in customer.

Discipline and Determination

To become successful Independent Financial
advisor discipline and determination is most important factor taken into
consideration to achieve targets. Advisor requires to work day and night as per
customer requirement.


Now a days, Independent financial advisors are losing interest in mutual funds as companies are now scrapping upfront commission and alter expense ratio. The profits for individual advisors are declining those who are depend on commissions, they must look for other alternative ways to increase their income. Frankly speaking, training and certification are necessary for clients to trust on your competence. One such certification is that the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) sometimes integrate CFP Board-approved training programs, degree or perhaps going for post-degree. You should also keep reading latest information from best sites for Indian stock market analysis to be updated in your field. If you are searching on, how to become an independent financial advisor then, these knowledge by way of a professional certificate or degree will assist you in maximizing your profits.

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