Top 15 – Key Features of Stock Exchange

A stock exchange is a type of market structure design to facilitate the purchase and sale of securities. It enables buyers and sellers to communicate with one another. In this section, you will learn more about the stock market by familiarising yourself with its components. Let us understand the features of stock exchange in this topic.

Also look at the functions of stock exchange to understand the topic in-depth. The stock market affords enterprises on the market the opportunity to save money. The majority of investors acquire initial public offerings (IPOs) in the primary market. By utilizing this service, investors, traders, and stock-bettors can profit from stock trading.

Top 15 – Primary Features of Stock Exchange

A stock exchange is a location where formal trading takes place. You can purchase and sell stocks, debentures, and bonds on the stock exchange, among other types of assets. Participation in the stock market is advantageous for both investors and businesses. A well-managed market always possesses the same qualities. Let us look at features of stock exchange to trade equities on the stock market.

Secondary Market

The second market for financial items opens shortly after the first market. On the stock exchange, shares, bonds, and other types of securities can be purchase as products.

Certain Rules and Regulations

One stock exchange’s policies and regulations can vary greatly from those of another. To trade equities on the stock exchange, a series of rules must be followed. These rules and regulations apply equally to both buyers and sellers.

Daily Report Publication

The stock market publishes a daily report detailing all deals that occurred at certain periods. There is a possibility that the magazine may no longer be print and will only be available online.

Responsible and Monitoring the Situation

The stock market could be compare to small enterprises in general. The stock market is manage by electable individuals by its shareholders. The government is also capable of achieving this. The government will not only construct this exchange, but it will also establish a regulatory agency to ensure its effective operation.

Listing Features of Stock Exchange

Prior to selling its shares, a corporation must be register on a stock exchange. A corporation cannot sell shares if it is not register on a stock exchange. Only members of the stock exchange are permit to purchase and sell shares.

A Market Operations with a Transparency

In certain places of the world, it appears to be a regulated market. The stock exchange is responsible for maintaining the order of the stock market. The stock market is governed by its own set of rules and regulations.

On the share market, shares, debentures, bonds, and other securities are among the items that are exchange. Additionally, these are exchanged on the stock market.

The Fluctuation of Price

On the stock exchange, the price of a good fluctuates dependent on its level of demand. On a free and open market, these financial instruments’ prices are determine. This enables the setting of a price.

At a Particular Place

All stock exchanges are located within the same structure. There or in an adjacent structure is where official business is conduct. You are not require to visit the location to purchase the stock or anything else.

If you use the internet, acquiring and disposing of the instruments is simple. All aspects of a stock exchange’s operation are perform by computers and other electronic equipment; which are also employed for their control.


Before joining a stock exchange, a person must purchase some shares. For them to achieve their objective, they must first sacrifice something. Among other requirements, he must sign an agreement with the stock exchange stating that he would abide by its rules. Before he can participate in stock market trading, he must sign this agreement.

Nature of the transaction

The stock exchange can be transact with either cash or credit. After a cash transaction, the payment is made between three and four days later. When a credit transaction occurs, the parties agree on payment terms 15 or 30 days in advance.

No Separate Entity

Despite the fact that stock exchanges are a sort of public limited corporation; there are no transactions under the label “stock market”. Instead, participants in the stock market do the transactions themselves.

Qualification of Membership

To become a member of a stock exchange, you must be an adult with a stable financial status. Additionally, it is essential to communicate with other stock exchange participants. There are no restrictions on a member’s level of education or professional experience.

The Organization’s Board of Directors

The stockholders of each stock exchange determine who will serve on its board of directors. If the board of directors commits an error, shareholders can hold them accountable.

The Correct Type of Power

Despite the fact that stock exchanges are own by their general shareholders. It is the government’s responsibility to monitor the exchange itself. Both purchasers and sellers must rely on their experience when purchasing or selling real estate.

Total Participant Profit and Loses

Stocks cannot be bought or sold on the stock exchange. The individuals who buy and sell items on a stock exchange are refer to as “members”. Consequently, the member’s profit or loss has no direct impact on the market.

Based on everything we’ve discussed thus far, we can conclude that the stock exchange contains a lot of features that allow its members to conduct business through it.


Typically, stock markets adhere to one of these two models. Depending on the features of stock exchange, traders may be require to conduct their transactions directly on the trading floor. In the past, this is how the majority of the most crucial aspects of stock markets were typically handled.

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