When is Taking a Personal Loan a Good Idea for You?

While the pandemic influenced loan growth across the spectrum in the first year, there has been a substantial resurgence in personal loans since then. Personal loans increased by 39%, from Rs. 3.35 lakh crores in 2020-21 to Rs. 4.66 lakh crores in 2021-22. Lower failures indicate that customers have a good financial situation to take on more debt. For most people, taking an easy personal loan online is one of the best ways to reach their financial goals.

A personal loan can help you pay off your credit card debt, fund a home improvement project, or take a vacation. In most cases, personal loans are taken out to consolidate debt, especially high-interest credit card debt. Many people, however, are unaware of when it is ideal to obtain a personal loan. This blog will help you understand when taking a personal loan is a good idea.

How Does a Personal Loan Work?

A personal loan (also known as unsecured debt) is money lent to a borrower by a lender without requiring collateral, such as a house, gold, shares, or car.

Each month, the borrower pays back the principal plus the interest owed over a set period, i.e., EMI (equated monthly instalment), to the lender.

For the convenience of the borrowers, many leading financial institutions like Fullerton India offer a personal loan EMI calculator on their websites that let you calculate your monthly payments against a loan before applying.

When Must One Consider Taking Out a Personal Loan?

When talking about personal loans, there are numerous uses:

Medical Emergency 

If someone has an unexpected medical bill, they may take advantage of a personal loan to cover it.

Or, if they or a loved one has been diagnosed with a severe illness, they may need to take out a personal loan to pay for the medical expenses resulting from the disease.

Consolidating Debt

If a person has multiple debts, consolidating them into one loan can save them money in interest payments over time.

This will also help them better manage their monthly budget and avoid paying late fees on missed payments.

They can take a personal loan to consolidate all of their debts into one loan and save on interest costs.

Paying off High-Interest Debt

When it comes to high-interest debt, such as credit cards and home loans, it is essential to pay off those debts quickly so that they do not increase over time and become unmanageable for future use.

Borrowers’ monthly payments will be reduced if they first pay off the highest interest rate. They will save money in the long run by doing so.

Thus, an instant personal loan online to repay the high-interest debt is a good option.

Higher Education

Funding higher education is one of the ways personal loans can be utilize. Families who want to send their children to college abroad might find it hard to afford tuition fees. A personal loan can help pay for school expenses like commuting, living expenses, and tuition fees.


Weddings are costly, as are honeymoons. People do not have to burn all their savings  or put themselves in an awkward situation by asking for money from friends or family; instead, they can take out a personal loan to pay for their wedding and honeymoon.

Home Improvements

A personal loan is ideal for a person who needs to renovate their home. If they wish to renovate their property in any way, they can utilize these loans to finance their dream project.

Whether they need to renovate their bathroom or upgrade their kitchen, personal loans are the ideal option to complete the project.

Major Purchases

If a person needs to purchase new appliances or make a large purchase, a personal loan may be less expensive than financing via a credit card.

To go on a Vacation 

Vacations allow us to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. However, many people postpone a long-awaited dream vacation due to financial constraints.

However, with personal loans, they do not have to wait for this. Personal loans are ideal for improving your lifestyle without giving an upfront amount.


A personal loan might come in handy in a variety of scenarios. These loans can help escape financial difficulty because of their speedy disbursement.

Whatever your aspiration, taking out a personal loan could be the right thing to do. Always remember to borrow just what you can afford to return and spend wisely.

Remember to opt for a reliable loan provider to ensure favorable terms. You can use a personal loan EMI calculator to estimate your monthly payments and plan accordingly.

Securing personal loans from Fullerton India is quick and easy. It requires minimal documentation, along with digital application, allowing funds to be released speedily at competitive interest rates.

Originally posted 2022-08-22 12:45:00.